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We focuses on community based transition and long-term support services for ex-offenders and their families.

The Sabaoth Group, Inc. is a faithbased organization established as a non for profit organization in 2002. As a result of the great need for services for jail and prison re-entry population, The Sabaoth Group, Inc developed The Sabaoth Group, Inc Re-Entry Service in 2002.

The Sabaoth Group, Inc Re-Entry Service focuses on community based transition and long-term support services for ex-offenders and their families. The organization has been a fixture in the community for more that ten years; known for tenant relocation and re-housing ; securing contracts and funding for housing construction; developing strategies to create linkages between community law enforcement, community residents and faith based organizations; The Sabaoth Group currently provides services to 800 low income, ex-offender and senior families in East New York Brooklyn Brownville and Bedford Stuyvesant. The organization achievements are accomplished through acknowledging the interrelationships between housing, education, employment, health care, social services, for low income families, ex-offenders and senior citizens; thereby empowering the community as a whole. The Sabaoth Group Re-entry Services is yet another component of the effort to achieve success through collaboration of organization with a mutual vision to help re-entry client get out of jail or prison and never return.

The program encourages the ex-offender to take an active role in identifying and developing access to resources that establish support networks for themselves and their families. Great emphasis is placed on creating means to promote independence and facilitate life style changes that prevent recidivism. While growth and independence is always encouraged, the progress to independence is a unique journey of stages and levels for each client or family member. The Sabaoth Group, Inc Re-entry Service also provide type of long term community support and assist with the connection to other long term community support organizations.

The Sabaoth Group, Inc Re-Entry Service has been a integral part of the strategy and operation of East New York Weed & Seed Re-entry Special Emphasis Strategy since 2004. The Sabaoth Group, Inc and Community Partners Commission Association, Inc are collaborators in The Sabaoth Group Re-Entry Services and are funded by the U.S. Department of Justice Weed & Seed, Citizens for NYC, and private funders. 2006 Weed & Seed funding for the Special Emphasis Re-entry Service was approximated $50,000 (fifty thousand) dollars. Each the of the collaborating organizations continue to conduct fund raising projects, seek funding from elected officials, foundation and private sources as the re- entry population's needs have increased and funding has never been enough.